PhD Freshers Pub Crawl

Why should only freshers and returners have all the fun?? This October, PhD SSN presents for the first time pub crawl for doctoral researchers starting in October!! We will be setting off on a long trek around Loughborough, browsing the finest beers the pubs have to offer. From Griffin to GB, Organ Grinder to Jam […]

PhD Social and Support Network Recruitment

We are currently looking to recruit more PGRs to get involved with the PHDSSN. There are lots of ways you can contribute to depending on your area of expertise of interest. Various positions from being a committee member where you help with the strategic plan of the group or core member member and help with […]

Activism through art… (Part 2)

… Loughborough’s IAS features film-maker, Chris Ivey! By Agostinho Pinnock Below is the continuation and final part of our feature on Chris Ivey’s recent showing of his film ‘We are Here: Finding Beauty in the Raw’. The Pittsburgh artist and film-maker, was a recent guest of Loughborough’s Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS). Ivey is an […]

Activism through art… (Part 1)

… Loughborough’s IAS features film-maker, Chris Ivey! By Agostinho Pinnock “…I am an artist first, then a filmmaker… One of the goals with my film work is to give the audience a view of life from the perspective of marginalised people and how the events around them affect them, directly and indirectly. This is what […]

It is difficult, but…?

Ending up on a PhD program means that you have probably been very good at what you have been doing up to this point in time. The choice to commence a PhD often positively reflects passion, commitment, and the willingness to go through the work and experience required to earn this degree. But what happens, […]

PhD Laser Quest

“First, I will find you and then I am going to zap you” Quote of the day! Laser Quest was the flagship PhD SSN event for Doctoral Researchers in Loughborough University. The event was subsidised for students and tickets got sold out in advance!! The event gave students some fun-filled exciting moments and an opportunity […]

PhD Soup Kitchen

“If you can cry from onions and still have a smile on your face, you are a talent!” Quote of the day! PhD SSN collaborated with Action Soup Kitchen for the second time to cook for homeless people on Sunday. There were all new faces in the church kitchen and they were in full action: […]

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