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Portia Akolgo

Portia Akolgo

Social events coordinator

Dept/School: School of Business and Economics, Economics Department.

PhD Year: First Year

I am Portia Akolgo, a first year doctoral researcher at the School of Business and Economics, originally from Ghana. My research interests include financial inclusion and economic development.

I love music, road trips and all forms of social events and gatherings. I additionally love to volunteer, cook, go for walks and occasionally work out. I’m not much of a sports person but I love to tease my football loving friends when their teams lose a match.

The PhD SSN is best described as a diverse, welcoming, supportive family, involving people from different cultures all around the world actively engaged in the implementation of measures to ensure the overall wellbeing of students and members.

Undertaking a PhD can be a daunting task even for the most prepared, and without an enabling means and environment to cool off from time to time, it could present many physical and mental challenges. I therefore urge PhD students to get active and interactive with the PhD SSN as a means of networking, socialisation, having fun, cooling off, exercising physically and relaxing mentally. There might even be some lucky long-lasting love catches, who knows?

I am looking forward to helping build a community of PhD students enjoying their life and PhD experience thoroughly.

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