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Nationality: Ghanaian

Department: Management Science and Operations

School: School of Business and Economics

Year of study: First year

Research: Choice-modelling based booking controls for urban car-sharing networks

Hobbies: I love working with children and students, so I am involved in a number of volunteering, teaching and mentoring activities. Also, I love to play word games and solve puzzles.

If you were to describe the PHDSSN in one word what would it be and why?

Home: the PhDSSN aims to create a place where you feel loved, respected and cared for.

Why do you think people should get involved in the network?

The PhDSSN provides an environment where you can socialise, interact, learn from and share ideas with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and academic disciplines. It is always good to have such a support system who will celebrate your successes with you and also encourage you during your struggles.

What are you looking forward to being part of the PHDSSN committee?

Increasing participation and interaction among the PhD community via social media.

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