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Tymele Deydier

Sports Secs

Hi there!
I’m Tymele, from France (Oulala) and I’ve been in the UK for 3 years now.
I started my PhD in Chemical Engineering in October 2017.
I love going to the gym and being active in general which can simply be walking or playing sports with friends even if I’m bad at them. If I don’t spend my time running around, it will be reading books.
I personally found that doing a PhD can feel a bit lonely sometimes, and I definitely missed real human interactions when I was working in my lab, which is why I decided to get involved within my school and in different societies. So, I ended up being one of the Doctoral Researcher Representatives of my department, the events coordinator of the Women’s Engineering Society, the chair of the WES University Groups Board and a project leader for two amazing Action projects. And I love it!!
I highly suggest getting involved with PhD SSN for two main reasons. One, you will meet so many incredible people from different departments, schools or countries you might never have met otherwise. And these people probably face most of the problems you face as a PhD student, so they will be a great support. Two, it definitely is a lot of fun and a nice and well-deserved break from the stressful PhD life. You won’t regret it! There are so many different kinds of events organised that there is most probably something for you, and if not, please share your ideas!

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