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Wolé Adaramoye

Sports Secs

Wolé here, second year PhD student at the SBE. I grew up in south west Nigeria and I have been at Loughborough since 2016. My research examines the roles and experiences of Chief Information Officers in technology pre-adoption.

My main hobbies revolve around physical activity and sport. I enjoy boxing and football above all. I also enjoy cooking, partly because food fuels everything I do. On the chill side, I do enjoy being artsy (music, writing etc.) and I try to get creative as often as I can. With regards to my experience at Loughborough, it has not been all about my PhD. I try to make an impact in several areas, not just because of the social side of things but also because I find it fulfilling. Being a sub-warden here on campus and being a member of my School’s student council are examples that contribute to that.

Generally, what keeps me sane from all the work and social demands is by staying active and playing sports (fun fact: I came up with one of my research questions while tying my football shoe laces before a game). While I don’t recommend that tying your shoe laces might solve your PhD, I strongly encourage everyone to participate in sports/physical activity as often as they can, especially since the mental benefits derived from physical activities are perhaps even more than the physical benefits. So if you are a PhD student, do try to get involved with PhD SSN Sports and try one of our activities at least once. And if physical activity is a no-no for you, still do get involved with the PhD SSN group as we have other sections that strive to create a friendly, supportive and inclusive environment for all.

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