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Agostinho Pinnock

Agostinho Pinnock

Nationality: Jamaica

Department: Centre for Doctoral Training: Feminism, Sexual Politics and Visual Culture

School: School of Arts, English and Drama (SAED)

Year of Study: 1st year.

Outside PhD, I like reading, watching TV online and going to the gym.

If you were to describe the PHDSSN in one word what would it be and why?

The PHDSSN is a ‘bridge’, connecting otherwise disparate groups of PGRs to one crucial hub of information and support.

Why do think people should get involved in the network?

Diverse opinions and ideas help to make any system better. The input of a wide cross-section of PGRs will grow and expand the PHDSSN’s capacity to better serve its various constituents here at Loughborough.

What are you looking forward to being part of the PHDSSN committee?

Meeting and learning about new people, cultures and customs. Sharing ideas. Growing in patience and understanding

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