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Amina Hamoud

Amina Hamoud

Amina Hamoud, 3rd year PHD Student in the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Systems Engineering. I’m part of the Advanced Virtual Engineering Research Group based in Holywell. My research is about creating A Reference Architecture for Future Resilient Automated Transport Systems. Aside from the PHD, I’m a sub warden for Hazlerigg-Rutland and John Phillips Hall, a Peer Mentor, PGR Rep, a super keen volunteer and so much more, the list is long…. But love it 🙂 Been involved with the PHDSSN since year 1 and gave me the opportunity to meet many different people from around campus, see different perspective on how the journey of a PHD vary from one to another and keep reminding me that it’s okay to go MAD once in a while and that I’m not alone. Having such support system is very important especially in such a rollercoaster of a journey and it helped me keep the bit of sanity I have left.

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