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Nam Mai

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Nationality: Vietnam

Department: Finance and Accounting

School: Business School

Year of study: First year

Research: The effect of Modern Slavery Act (2015) on the disclosures of 350 FTSE firms.

Outside of PHD, I am learning guitar (classical style) but just a beginner. I like playing video games (FIFA, PES etc) and am interested in various kind of game consoles and handles. Sometimes, I enjoy going around and taking some pictures.

If you were to describe the PHDSSN in one word what would it be and why?

Friendly community for PhD students

why do think people should get involved in the network?

Obviously, PhDs follow various specific fields and are under high pressure, that sometimes makes us alone and stressful. Hence, involvement in the network with other PhDs offers a great opportunity to share your feelings, help each other or simply make some new friends. Moreover, there are some interesting activities that PhDs can take part in such as Tuesday lunch or movie night.

What are you looking forward to being part of the PHDSSN committee?

I hope that I can give my contribution on the activities of committee as well as make some new friends.

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