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Activism through art… (Part 2)

… Loughborough’s IAS features film-maker, Chris Ivey! By Agostinho Pinnock Below is the continuation and final part of our feature on Chris Ivey’s recent showing of his film ‘We are Here: Charlottesville Two Years Later’. The Pittsburgh artist and film-maker, was a recent guest of Loughborough’s Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS). Ivey is an eternal […]

Activism through art… (Part 1)

… Loughborough’s IAS features film-maker, Chris Ivey! By Agostinho Pinnock “…I am an artist first, then a filmmaker… One of the goals with my film work is to give the audience a view of life from the perspective of marginalised people and how the events around them affect them, directly and indirectly. This is what […]

Face to Faith

Looking back, our blog posts have reflected on problems faced whilst researching and writing up a PhD and many helpful suggestions have been explored, especially in times of crisis and uncertainty. There have been some useful links to where help can be found and there are more on our home page under Links/Support Services. The […]

This Week I Sat My Viva Voce

This week I sat my viva and passed with corrections. It has been a long four years of research that has culminated in earning the title Doctor. I am lucky to say I have a full-time lecturing job, I had to balance work with submitting the thesis and then preparing for the viva. My colleagues […]

Student Minds: The Importance of Support

As a PhD student (hopefully) coming towards the end of the journey pretty soon, I have experienced a multitude of different emotions along the way – some very difficult to manage culminating in me very nearly terminating my studies twice. But I’m still here; how? I have absolutely no idea. I think I must be […]

Working from Home

When I started my PhD in October 2012 I had already formulated an opinion on what the journey was going to be like: you’ll get your own office, or at least share with a few others, get a shiny new laptop/desk-top computer and be able to attend dozens and dozens of conferences, all of which […]