Loughborough PhD Social & Support Network


We meet every Tuesday lunchtime between 12.30 and 1.30 p.m. in Graduate House

on the seats in the centre of the Graduate Hub – we’d love to see you there!

Sometimes we meet downstairs in the Training Room too – just follow the signs.

We’re able to be accessed by all PGRs from across the University,

so drop in, bring your lunch and have a drink and chat with fellow PGRs!

It’s really a social opportunity to meet a lot of different people and receive support if required.

It’s all very informal and friendly – and very often, we have cake!

Bloggers needed

Would you like to write a blog post for the Network?

We would welcome contributions of approximately 500 words. If you have photographs you would like to share, then please send them with the blog to the editor – you will retain the copyright to your photographs.

The blog post can be about anything interesting. You can write about your work, leisure or something that you think will be engaging for our readers.

  • How are you finding Loughborough?
  • Are you looking forward to your next holiday?
  • Tell us about your interests/hobbies/sports/pets.

We look forward to receiving your articles.

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