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PhD Awards After-Party

“Who will win the Cricket World Cup: England or India?

Quote of the day!

We had the big day for all PhD students: The PhD Awards and massive thanks to our Doctoral Researcher President and Vice President (Leah and Hugh) for organising the Award event. With 3D printed awards and plenty of pizzas, singing and dancing, it was a sight we long to see once a year from all our hard-working researchers. It was clearly a night to celebrate the achievements and successes of these outstanding individuals, and we went to the pub that remains open for the longest: Phantom!!

PhD Award after-party

There were at least 70 PhD students throughout the pub going and coming with their ales and beers in hand. There was lots of new faces and it was a wonderful opportunity for students across different departments to meet each other and talk about their life, research, travels and the cricket World Cup.

PhD Award after-party

Also, we played tradional pub games like pool and there was no hurry for anyone to go home early. Overall, the experience was enjoyable and relaxing and everyone finally went home at 2 am when the pub threw us out.

PhD Award after-party

Congratulations to the award winners and keep up the good work so that we have more after-parties like this one!!

PhD Awards

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