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PhD Laser Quest

“First, I will find you and then I am going to zap you”

Quote of the day!

Laser Quest was the flagship PhD SSN event for Doctoral Researchers in Loughborough University. The event was subsidised for students and tickets got sold out in advance!! The event gave students some fun-filled exciting moments and an opportunity to experience the thrill and adrenaline of the ultimate laser adventure in Loughborough.

PhD Laser Quest

There were two teams: Avengers and PowrRangrs. Each team had 10 doctoral students selected using a random generator. It was a battle for supremacy with fellow Doctoral Researchers in an experience lasting 2 games of 20 mins each and taking them through a journey of sounds, lights and smoke!! PowrRangrs had the best individual laser shooters among all the laser champions, but as a team, Avengers proved to be a challenge, not to be messed with and outshined PowrRangrs on both games.

PhD Laser Quest

After the game, we followed to the Amber Rooms for some delicious burgers and drinks and we were joined later by other doctoral researchers. The best part was when everyone shouted ‘Encore’ after the laser quest so looks like we have to do this again and this time on an even grander scale!!

PhD Laser Quest

Some of the players had quite interesting names (wonder what they do in their free time): Liam Lion, Agent Sky, Arrow, Actymel and even KFC and Godzilla!!

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