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Rieman Rudra

Social Events Coordinator

Hi I am Rieman.

I am from Bangladesh, living in UK since 2012.

A graduate from LSE and Cass Business School; I am currently pursuing PhD in Financial Economics at Loughborough University

My research interests are:- credit, economic activity, macroeconomic policies, international economy, investment.

Beyond PhD, I am a sub-warden at Towers Hall, SBE PhD Rep, sub-warden rep and also an active volunteer.

Also, if you come to my office, you will see me playing chess more often than my PhD.

As your social events organiser, I hope to organise fun-filled activities for everyone, foster greater bonds between PhD students across all departments and create a social hub where you can connect and do much more beyond PhD.

P.S.: If you have an idea for a social event, feel free to share it with us and we will do our best to put in action.

About PhD SSN:

Well PhD can be for 3 or 4 years, but some people you meet along this journey will be there forever. SSN offers you exactly that bubble where you can meet new friends from a different country/department or one with an exciting and adventurous experience.

All in all, if you ever felt like sharing your best PhD moments, your travelling diaries and jokes with us, then, come and join us for our weekly Tuesday lunch at Graduate House. Also don’t forget to like, share and tweet us for all the latest events!!

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