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#BLOG – Face to Faith

Looking back, our blog posts have reflected on problems faced whilst researching and writing up a PhD and many helpful suggestions have been explored, especially in times of crisis and uncertainty. There have been some useful links to where help can be found and there are more on our home page under Links/Support Services.

The Centre for Faith and Spirituality is located upstairs in EHB and it is a place where students and staff are welcomed to reflect, explore and express faith and spirituality. It is a place to pray, meditate and meet others. There is help with spiritual, ethical and moral concerns. Chaplains of various faiths are available to anyone irrespective of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a faith, you are still welcome and there will be times in your life when you will meet people who do have a faith; a fellow student, a colleague, a boyfriend/girlfriend, employer, or someone you might chat with over lunch. You might want to find out more about their beliefs.

The CFaS offers a meeting place to relax and chat in, a quiet room to use for reflection or just to sit quietly, a prayer and meditation area where you will find ways to reduce stress – finger labyrinths, five-minute meditation, mindfulness colouring, and much more. During term time there is a four-week course on positive thinking, which looks to reducing stress. It is an excellent course and not at all daunting.

There is a library in the Centre too and some of the subjects in its collection are books on world religions, biography, fiction, drama, theology, history and an excellent ethics section. Everyone is welcome to read in the Centre or borrow from the library. There are also lots of helpful booklets. The following is taken from one on Mental Health

  • Remember – take care and be gentle with yourself.
  • Remind yourself that you are an enabler and cannot do everything yourself, no matter how many hours you work each day.
  • Give support, encouragement and praise freely and learn to accept it in return.
  • Learn to recognise the difference between complaining that relieves and complaining that reinforces stress.
  • Listen for good news. Write it down and review it when things get tough.
  • Be an artist as well as a technician.
  • Say ‘I choose’ rather than ‘I should’, ‘I ought to’, or ‘have to’. Say ‘I won’t’ rather than ‘I can’t’.
  • If you never say ‘no’, then what is your ‘yes’ worth?
  • Laugh and play.

Remember – you are loved.


There are also a number of lively student groups that meet during the week:

LSUCU (Loughborough Students Union Christian Union)

God’s Vineyard, Radical Youth



LCCF (Loughborough Chinese Christian Fellowship)

Islamic Society

CIS (Christians in Sport)

Hindu Society

Sikh Society

Jewish Society.

Most importantly, there’s always some you can talk to who will listen, not judge, and support is there if you need it. Or you might just like to pop in to say hello and take a look around. You are welcome.

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