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Submitting your PhD

As you near completion there are a number of hoops that you must jump through along the administrative path.

Your supervisor(s) will, of course, be able to advise you of when and how, but these few links might also assist you:

  • The page that will be most useful to you practically is The Template Shop where you will find all the forms you will need
  • You must submit an ‘Intention to Submit’  Form 4.1, when your supervisor advises on a submission time scale.
  • If you are needing an extension, you will need to download Form 4.5.  If you are going to apply for an extension, you will also have to submit, if applicable, independent corroborative evidence of problems cited, e.g. medical evidence, evidence from employers.
  • Form 4.6 is an application for suspension of studies, should you need it.
  •  There are guidelines on Ethesis submission (Form 4.1b)
  • THE most important form is 4.1c – ‘Thesis Access Conditions and Deposit Agreement’. This is your Certificate of Originality and you must complete three copies of this, which will need to be signed by your supervisor(s). One copy must be handed in (Rutland Building) with each copy of your printed, soft-bound thesis.
    • Top tip: Get four copies signed just in case one goes missing or a mistake is made. Do not date the fourth one – yet.
    • You will also need to scan a signed and dated copy of this to upload with your final thesis when it goes electronically to the Institutional Repository. If you have that signed, fourth copy this is where it will come in. You will, of course, need to date it when you upload it.

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